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A series of recent studies conducted by some of the largest hair color – producing companies in the world determined that AMMONIA was in fact the substance most responsible for hair damage and eye irritation. 


Based on this knowledge, Clean Tint was formulated and perfected with MEA (Monoethanolamine) to alleviate the enormous liability that day spas and salons throughout North America risk when applying tints from Europe, which continue to be imported in violation of FDA regulations. 


Beyond that, our lab and production facilities are FDA inspected annually, insuring absolute cleanliness and manufacturing standards within Federal guidelines.  None of the European-based tint suppliers are subject to FDA oversight.


Be wary of other brands and disingenuous sales entities that state their products are “ammonia free”, just to induce you to buy. 


If anyone tells you there is no ammonia in tints coming from Europe, simply ask them if they are willing to submit those products to a FAAS (Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) test that can be done at numerous independent analysis labs around the country. 


They’ll probably hang up on you. 


An easy “at home” assay method of testing for ammonia is to take a small dollop of cream tint, let it dry for 24 hours on a piece of white paper, then score it with a hot flame.  If a pale yellowish-green color is seen in the burn, then there is ammonia in the material.

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